peninsula breakfast

peninsula eggs

Fried eggs served with roasted peppers and goat cheese sauce.


Motuleño eggs

Traditional yucatecan style eggs, served on corn tortillas, refried beans and covered with tomato sauce. Topped with ham, Dutch cheese, green peas and a side of fried plantain. A must when you are at PENINSULA.


Vallisoletano eggs

Scrambled eggs with typical smoked longaniza from Valladolid.


Enhojado eggs

Cooked on a plantain leaf and served with Oaxaca mole and cheese.


Veggie omelet

Gouda cheese and veggies, served with poblano pepper sauce.


eggs your way

Mexican style, ranchero style, with ham, with chorizo, with sausage, with vegetables, with tortilla.



Bacon, chicken, flank steak, pibil pork, castacán.



Red, green, chipotle and epazote, mole, poblano pepper, beans sauce.
*Peninsula (roasted bell pepper and goat cheese).

Plain (cheese and cream), eggs or vegetables


Topped with:
Chicken, pibil pork +$45
Flank steak, castacan (pork crisps) +$55


Don Mollete

Veggie mix +$25
Pibil pork +$45
Flank steak


(deep fried tacos) Order of 3
Chicken, mashed potato, cheese.


Trilogy of quesadillas península

Ask for the ingredients of the day. 


Peninsula Bagel

Spinach, tomato, turkey, gouda, panela and Philadelphia cheese, fried egg and bacon.


Fruit cocktail

Mix of fresh fruit served with yogurt, granola, and honey.


Fruit bowl

Smoothie topped with fruit mix, almonds, coconut, granola, honey, Nutella or chocolate chips.
Mango – strawberry, pineapple – banana,  mixed berries – melon.



Order of 3 
With fruit, maple syrup and butter.
+$45 with Bacon        




Americano $50
Cappuccino $60

aguas frescas

Mango & passionfruit, Tamarind & Ginger, Limón & Peppermint, Pineapple & Chaya, Hibiscus with Cinnamon, Lime Cantaloupe & Strawberry.

Glass $60
Small jar $110
Big jar $180


Orange, green juice.


Mango – strawberry, pineapple – banana, mixed berries-melon, chocolate – cherry.



Hot chocolate



Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Fresca.


sparkling water

TopoChico $50
Cristal $45
Perrier $80

Purified water

Cristal $40
Noha (1Lt) $40

fruit infusions


Lunch and dinner


Fresh and representative of the region. You will find a delicious variety of options. The best way to start your experience in PENÍNSULA.


Order of 3.


Traditional Guacamole

Mix of avocado, tomato, onions and poblano pepper.
+$65 With Castacán (Pork crisps)


kibi yucateco

Typical yucatecan, Wheat fritter filled with edam cheese served with jocoque.
Soy (vegetarian)



Our version of one of the favorites of Mexico´s streets. Corn kernels stewed with aromatic epazote served with mayo and cheese.


RoasteD Bone marrow Sopes

Bone marrow roasted on the grill and served on handmade sopes. Order of 3.


Chaya Gorditas

Thick corn tortillas topped with tomato sauce and typical Chiapas style cheese. Fill them with:
Beans with hoja santa
Pork crisps and octopus
Cochinita Pibil (Yucatecan style pork)


Soups and salads

Tortilla soup

Crispy tortilla strips in a tomato and guajillo pepper sauce. Accompanied by panela cubes and ancho chili fritters.


Traditional Lime soup

A yucatecan delight! Tortilla strips, chicken and a touch of lime.


Curalotodo Chicken and
vegetables broth

Regional squash, carrot and potato served with rice and shredded chicken.


Seafood Soup

Delicious mix of octopus, fish, shrimp, oyster and clams slow cooked with local spices and fresh tomato. 


Peninsula Salad

Fresh mix of lettuce, spinach and rukula combined with apple, goat cheese, prosciutto and guava vinaigrette.


Del Puerto Salad

Fresh mix of lettuce, fried chaya, panela cheese cubes, avocado, corn kernels, red onion, cucumber and ancho chilli vinaigrette.


Tacos and tostadas

You haven’t tried better!

Battered fish tacos

Order of 4.


Battered shrimp tacos

Order of 4.


Península Style tacos

Shrimp, octopus and bell peppers flamed with mezcal and served with gouda cheese on wheat torillas.


Grilled flank steak tacos

Tender flank steak grilled and served on hand made torillas and a layer of guacamole. Accompanied by grilled cactus and onions. Order of 4.


Surf and turf tacos

The perfect combination! Grilled tender flank steak and shrimp served on hand made tortillas. Order of 4.


Veggie Tacos

Mix of battered or grilled vegetables served with cabbage salad on hand made tortillas. Order of 4.


Ajillo style Octopus Tostada 200 grs

Octopus cooked with garlic, guajillo pepper, butter and spices.


Mahi Mahi Tzik Tostada 200 grs

Mahi Mahi fish served with a mix of radish, onions and lettuce, marinated with bitter orange and apple vinegar.


Caribbean Style Tuna Tostada 200 grs

Tuna, avocado and mango marinated with tequila and lime, served on wheat fritters.


Battered Shrimp tostada 200 grs

Battered shrimp topped with cabbage salad, chipotle mayo and served on jícama slices.


aguachiles and ceviches

Shrimp Aguachile 200 grs

*Traditional – Shrimp, serrano chili and fresh coriander mixed with red onions and cucumber.
*Pineapple – Shrimp Aguachile served with pineapple. A fresher version!
*Península Style Aguachile – Our version, with tomato juice and our spicy sauce.


Traditional Ceviche

Fish $290
Shrimp $320
Octopus $360

Caribbean Style Ceviche 400 gr

Delicious combination of octopus, shrimp and fish served with mango and orange


Peninsula Style Ceviche 450 grs

Tribute to our land´s flavor. Mix of macerated seafood, passionfruit and lime.



Catch of the day with Xcatic sauce
200 gr

Fish fillet served with creamy Xcatic chili sauce


Fish Fillet – Any style 200 gr

Ajillo, garlic, lime, a la diabla, or grilled, served with rice and sautéed vegetables.


Grilled Octopus 200 gr

Red Mayan Octopus marinated and braised on the grill, served on plantain fritters.


Whole fried fish

Catch of the day, served with rice, salad and hand made tortillas.
450gr – 500gr $360
800gr – 1000gr $550 

Stuffed Ancho Chilli (veggie)

Stuffed with local squash, panela cheese cubes and corn kernels. A dish with a hint of spice and sweetness. Has it all.


Our Traditional Tikin-xic

Whole grilled fish with axiote, bitter orange, xcatic and sweet peppers, (2 people).


Ajillo Style Shrimp

Shrimp with butter, garlic and guajillo pepper served with rice and grilled vegetables.


Peninsula Style Shrimp

Shrimp, bell peppers and pineapple flamed with mezcal and served with gouda cheese.


filet mignon

Beef fillet served on a roasted pepper and garlic sauce with a side f potato and corn garnish.


Prime rib eye steak

Grilled Prime Rib Eye served with baked potatoes and mixed salad.


Peninsula Trilogy 300 grs

Shrimp with xcatic sauce, Filet mignon with pepper sauce, and tikin-xic fish fillet.


Cochinita pibil

The most Yucatecan delight! Pork loin marinated with axiote, bitter orange and spices and cooked the Mayan Pib way.




Crispy crêpe filled with Dutch cheese and sweet mixes.


Plantain Flambé

Flamed plantain.


dessert of the day


traditional ice cream

Check our flavors.


non-alcoholic beverages

aguas frescas

Mango & passionfruit, Tamarind & Ginger, Limón & Peppermint, Pineapple & Chaya, Hibiscus with Cinnamon, Lime Cantaloupe & Strawberry.

Glass $60
Small jar $110
Big jar $180


Coca-Cola · Coca Cola Zero Sugar · Coca Cola Light · Fanta · Sprite · Fresca 


sparkling water

TopoChico $50
Cristal $45
Perrier $80

Purified water

Cristal $40
Noha (1Lt) $40

oranGade or lemonade

Regular water $50
Sparkling water $60


Americano $50
Cappuccino $60

Fruit Infusions





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